Save:Strol™ CYPIBI – Bio-activated phytoalexins

Bio-activated, 100 % natural and light – Dr. med. Jens Wurster has transferred this essential tumor-selective mechanism into modern cancer treatment. Together with English scientists he created an innovative complex of active agents. Save:Strol™ CYPIBI is an optimized development of Salvestrol©, a complex of phytonutrients (Salvestrols©), which has already been registered in 2004 by Prof. Dan Burke, Prof. Gerry Potter and Dr. Robin Wood in England, the USA and other countries. The special and unique formula of Dr. Jens Wurster’s EnergyBalance® Save:Strol™ is based on a natural highly concentrated and special bio-activated complex of phytonutrients with a particularly high concentration of phytoalexins. In contrast to its precursors Save:Strol™ CYPIBI is beta-glucan activated and contains natural vitamin C, antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyans of high-impact phytonutrients with supporting effects to the immune system and cell protection. With that, Save:Strol™ CYPIBI delivers high-impact phytoalexins for human cells in a natural available way.

Cancers figure among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer related deaths in 2012. Until 2025, the number of yearly new cases is expected to rise to about 20 million – about 40 % more than today. Over the next two decades it is even expected an increase of about 70 %, so the alarming prognosis of the World Cancer Report (WHO 2014). Increasing population figures and life expectancies are one explanation for this enormous rise. There is also the fact that people in economically dynamic countries adopt unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors from rich countries, e.g. in nutrition.


The discovery of Salvestrols
In 2002 Prof. Gerry Potter identified and outlined a nutritional rescue mechanism that linked specific compounds, in some of the common foods we eat, with cell death... and it was found, that CYP1B1 metabolizes a specific class of dietary compound that Profs. Potter and Burke named Salvestrols. When Salvestrols are metabolized by CYP1B1, they create compounds that actually cause apoptosis in the malfunctioning cell.
[Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine JOM Vol 25, No. 1, 2010].


Gentle natural substances instead of aggressive cytostatic drugs
Despite decades of medical research cancer is one of the worst scourges and still there is no general “cure” in sight. Modern cancer research has advanced at a tremendous pace in recent years. Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic measures are used synergistically, experiences and results are integrated in (inter-)national projects and interdisciplinary studies to establish more efficient medicine and therapies. But at the same time an increasing number of people worldwide suffer and die from cancer each year. So far cancer treatments – operation, chemotherapy or radiotherapy – mainly focus on the symptoms of the disease, while natural methods of prevention and therapy as well as a healthy diet and a balance lifestyle have been somewhat ignored up to now. Cytostatic drugs mostly show aggressive side effects, are insufficiently selective and attack and destroy healthy tissues, which evokes a higher risk of recurrences. Moreover, the so-called tumor stern cells are not killed by chemotherapy – this can only result from an intact immune system. Aggressive side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are bringing biological cancer drugs and alternative therapies more strongly into focus. Organic substances from nature and products with natural active ingredients are more and more frequently used – after all the human co-evolution with nature proofs the success of our survival strategy.


Complete immune defense
Every day there is a large number of tumor cells evolved even in a healthy body which have to be neutralized by the immune system. The DNS is damaged by free radicals about 150.000 times, thus about 15 x 1018 oxidative damages are caused at any time. We can limit cell damages by avoiding contact with carcinogenic and oxidizing substances. Furthermore our body has its own repair system supported by antioxidants and radical scavengers. Free radicals are neutralized by reaction with antioxidant enzymes like Superoxid-Dismutase (SOD). The second barrier against free radicals is formed from antioxidants, e.g. vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules by raising electron depletion and so stops a chain reaction resulting in an uncontrolled proliferation of cells and tumor formation. In contrast to enzymes, antioxidants are variable and have a single effect. Furthermore, they differ in relation to biological activity, biological availability, half-life and water or fat solubility – the water-soluble vitamin C only can react in water, while liposoluble carotenoids only can react in fat.


Prodrugs – Cytotoxins with aim
Cancer therapies have the task to kill malignant cells which have escaped these two upstream protection barriers. Scientists are still working on developing medicine which takes their killing effects only in tumor cells. These so-called prodrugs have to be metabolized in the body to take effect. As these cytotoxins are only meant for tumor cells, scientists are still looking for suitable “transport partners“ taking the medecin to its target or stimulate its activity in mutated cells. Salvestrols work like natural prodrugs, which are metabolized from the tumor specific enzyme CYP1B1 and in a special way can prevent cancer or rather help stop tumor growth.


CYP1B1 – Universal tumor marker
A natural system based on this interactive system has been discovered by Prof. Dan Burke and Prof. Gerry Potter in their studies on salvestrols©, which selectively eliminate tumor cells. Salvestrols© belong to the phytoalexins (pterostilbens, stilbens), compounds that a plant produces to protect itself against stressors such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, UV light and insects. In their studies on cytochrome P450 the scientists established that healthy cells reacting with free radicals and mutating produces CYP1P1, a special type of cytochrome P450, which reacts with a phytoalexin. In the body, cytochromes P450-enzymes take care of the detoxification of body’s own metabolites and body’s foreign toxic subtances (xenobiotica, such as carcinogens, toxins of vegetable origin and cancer medecine). They are also involved in the synthesis of steroids, fatty acids and prostaglandins and with that in cell cycle regulation and cell signalisation. As studies show, CYP1B1 can only be found in (human) cancer cells, not in healthy tissue cells. The activated phytoalexins of Save:Strol™ reach all body cells, but in malignant cells with CYP1B1 a special metabolite is produced which selectively causes the self-destruction of the malignant cell (apoptosis). In healthy bodies there are also malignant and degenerated cells which have to be neutralized every day. So it is essential to get a sufficient daily amount of antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyans and phythoalexins. Save:Strol™ contains all these essentials and is additionally activated by beta-glucans for immune stimulation. Thus salvestrols© work beyond antioxidants by eliminating the damaged cells – and only the damaged cells. As CYP1P1 is present in all forms of cancer and all the possible types of human tumor cell lines it may be able to be used in the future as a diagnostic tumor marker to detect early stage cancer.

Back to the roots!
The interaction of CYP1B1 with phythoalexins probably was established in co-evolution with our food crop. As salvestrols© clear our body from carcinogenic cells they protect plants against fungi, viruses, bacteria, UV light and insects. The phythoalexins representing the immune system of the plant are mainly found in the peels of fruit, in seeds, leaves and the outside of roots – parts of the plant come into contact with the stressor. They are natural, non-toxic for healthy cells and occur in food that helps prevent cancer. Many traditional medicinal herbs contain a high level of salvestrols©. The gene which expresses the enzyme that uses the salvestrols© first appeared around 150 million years ago. So the body has been using this protective mechanism since human life evolved. Salvestrols© escape the first attempts of the liver to remove them from the body (first-pass metabolism). To hold on to these compounds as long as possible caused the scientists who discovered them to call them salvestrols© from the latin word „salvere“(to save) and „strol“(name of the first known salvestrol© „Resveratol“).

Vegetables & fruits – modern eyewash?

Within the establishment of modern agricultural methods like monoculture, allocation of fungicides and crop protection chemicals means that plants which are not organically grown will not express high concentrations of salvestrols© because they are never exposed to the stressors which cause the plant to produce them at such levels. At the same time cancerogenic residues remain in the foods and consumers’ diet. Plant refinement and plant selection has led to a reduction in the cultivation of plant varieties that are naturally rich in bitter salvestrols© – and less depend on pesticides. So eating adequate amounts of commercially available fruit and vegetables will not provide the essential nutrients the body – especially the immune system – needs for a healthy and balanced life.


Bitter & hot vs. Pretty & sweet
In the century of modern food-design the shape, color and size of foods are most important. Consumers prefer uniformed, gleaming crisp fruit and vegetables and refuse less attractive older or bio-organic varieties with individual size, shape and color but a higher amount of salvestrols©. The trend towards producing refined foods without adding sugars or sweeteners is also causing salvestrols© to be removed by manufacturing processes that filter out bitter substances so that the finished product will taste sweeter. People tend to dislike food that tastes bitter and prefer to eat sweet sprout rather than sprout with a somewhat bitter taste. Burke and Potter have come to the conclusion that the present-day diet contains 80 to 90 % less salvestrols© than that of fifty to a hundred years ago. Only biological and unprocessed food still contains relevant amounts of salvestrols©.


Salvestrols – gentle support thanks to healthy food!
Salvestrols© and the enzyme CYPiBi are forming a food based defense mechanism which is practicable in all the possible types of cancer disregarding the oncogene origin. In case studies salvestrols© as nutritional supplement in combination with a change of diet show positive results for cancer patients. With this kind of gentle strategy tumor growth is inhibited by killing a sufficient amount of tumor cells so the tumor isn’t critical any longer, tumor growth is under control and there are no more symptoms.

Healthy diet & natural life PLUS Save:Strol™ CYPIBI
A consequent change over to a diet of fresh, biological and unprocessed food with a high amount of salvestrols© combined with a gentle food preparation and a healthy way of life are convenient measures to protect the body against cancer. As malignant transformation of cells and their elimination even in a healthy body is an ongoing process, the continuous supply with antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyans and phytoalexins is essential to maintain a stable immune system in the daily fight against cancer. This goal can’t be pursued with our currently available (industrial) food, our modern nutritional habits and careless life-style. A continuous and permanent nutritional supplement with Save:Strol™CPYIBI and its bio-activated phytoalexins, vitamin C and mentioned synergists can support cellular respiration and help to stabilize the self-protection and regeneration of human cells.


Save:Strol CYPIBI™ – Innovative formula with bio-activators
The excellent effect of Save:Strol CYPIBI™ is based on the unique combination of its ingredients: Lipohile components of olive leafs (oleuropein) and beta-glucans as bio-activators stimulate cells’ self-protection system and activate mitochondrion. Oleuropein – a bitter principle with antioxidative effects – has excellent antibacterial, antimycotic and antiparasitic properties. It’s also active in the immune system of olive trees which can be up to 1,000 years and more. The gene-free beta-1,3/1,6-glucan made in Germany works as a macrophage stimulating activator and is considered as one of the most effective natural immunomodulator. Save:Strol CYPIBI™ supports a natural cancer therapy by a selective elimination of tumor cells and activation of the human immune system. 1960 Prof. Seeger already recognized that tumor cells show a dysfunction in the oxygen system and – as already postulated by Dr. Warburg – the result can be an anaerobic fermentation and a degeneration of the cell. In his experiments with tumorascit-cells Prof. Seeger could increase the oxygen concentration in the mitochondrions of tumor cells adding special plant pigments (anthocyanins). As a result the tumor cells regenerated into normal healthy cells. For that reason, Save:Strol CYPIBI™ contains a high amount of bilberry and chokeberry extracts to increase the oxygen uptake in degenerated cells and form a basis for the entire cell regeneration.


Active immune system – key against cancer
Dr. Jens Wurster was confronted with cancer from an early age and wanted to find out alternative ways and possibilities to cure cancer. After amazing experiences with homoeopathy he specialized on homoeopathic cancer treatment. After a homoeopathic education with Dr. Barthel, 1992 he met Dr. Dario Spinedi in Ticino, Switzerland. Since then he is his close student and works with him since 1998 in the Clinica St. Croce (Ticino) to help cancer patients with homoeopathic methods. In his book “Die homöopathische Behandlung und Heilung von Krebs und metastasierten Tumoren” (IRLVerlag 2006) he describes the theory of classical homoeopathy – from Hahnemann and Kennt to Pierre Schmidt – and the knowledge of homoeopathic tumor specialists, documented by several case histories. In the revised and extended edition (BOD Verlag 2015) he documents long-term studies (10 to 15 years) of homoeopathically cured patients. He also reports on homoeopathic cancer therapy and the activation of the immune system as well as the special anamnesis of tumor patients, the review of reactions to the use of prescribed drugs and the practical approach in cancer treatment. In all analysis of long-term studies and survivors the focus has been on activating the immune system to eliminate tumor cells. Instead of immunosuppressed therapies and non-selective cell destruction the goal of his research was to activate the immune system in a homoeopathic way combined with immune supporting nutritional supplement.


Natural intelligent products for highest quality standard
Since 2014 physicians and EnergyBalance™ are working intensively on the development of immune supporting food supplements. Two years later in 2016 Save:Strol™ CYPIBI already was launched. In several case studies the name of the protected trademark Salvestrol© is used instead of the definition phytoalexins. Salvestrol© has been launched by Prof. Dr. Burke in Leicester GB in cooperation with Nature’s Defence Research Ltd, Leicester GB. As the name Salvestrol© is a protected name for phytoalexins, Dr. med. Jens Wurster and EnergyBalance™ opted for the new name Save:Strol™ CYPIBI to give expression to the development, the innovative recipe and the optimized benefit for consumers.


Bioavailability – Substances of highest activity
EnergyBalance™ only uses substances of highest bioavailability to guarantee an optimal intake and effect of the product. Bioavailability means active substances in their highest active form without any side effects. The ingredients of Save:Strol™ CYPIBI originate from selected areas and laboratories worldwide. The contained anthocyans and catechins (polyphenols) are from Italy, while special hesperidin-bioflavonoids are derived from Spanish citrus fruit. Natural vitamin C and polyphenols are derived from Brazilian bio-acerola. The bio-activated beta-glucan 1,3-1,6 made in Germany is produced in a very gentle method to keep the glucan molecules intact without denaturing – guaranteeing an optimal immune response. Oleuropein, further polyphenols and flavonoids are extracted from Albanian olive leaves. The unique formula, strictly based on highly natural and nutrious ingredients, is subject to most stringent quality controls to guarantee the optimal product quality.


Natural balance – base of a balanced health
EnergyBalance™ products are genetically unmodified and produced in Switzerland with gentle manufacturing processes which conserve the active agents and ensure best quality. Operating supplies are not used as possible. If an additive is necessary, only natural substances with added value for the product are used. Thus EnergyBalance™ products usually contain only active substances but never artificial colors, aromas, excipients, separating agents or other operating supplies. With that, hypoallergenic products are available even for sensitive people. EnergyBalance™ always offers high quality products at a fair price, always keeping the focus on every individual’s health. The health advantages of these natural intelligent and vegetable products without any side effect are to be made accessible for as many people as possible.


Salvestrol points – Concentrated cell protection
Advanced scientific research has led to an improvement of Salvestrols® offered as food supplement. Today there’s no more difference between water-soluble and/or liposoluble salvestrols, the mixing ratio is already set correctly. The different dosage forms are categorized according to a special point system. The scale of points is based on the amount of salvestrols originally available in daily food over 100 years ago. This amount is equated with 100 points. As every salvestrol has a different potency and influence in combination with other salvestrols, the point system always declares the combined effect of the included salvestrols. The degree of effectiveness was determined in studies with human cells, recommended dosages are based on therapeutic experiences as well as numerous case studies. The recommended daily allowance of 2x1 VegeCaps Save:Strol™ CYPIBI contains 5342 hydro- and lipo-points, the maximum recommended dosage is 3x2 VegeCaps. A package of Save:Strol™ CYPIBI contains 90 VegeCaps.


Salvestrols: pioneers & development
Natural phytoalexins were already registered in 2004 under the brand name Salvestrol©, the first product being available a little later until today Salvestrol® Platinum 2000 contains natural extracts of raspberry, strawberry, bilberry (European blueberry) and tangerine peels but not grapes (in North America). None of the fruit used has been genetically modified or treated with pesticides or antifungal agents, and all caps are encased in vegetable capsules with rice flour filler. For regular dietary supplementation to face a previous health challenge or for persons of risk one Salvestrol® Platinum 2000 capsule (512 mg) per day is recommended. If confronting a serious health challenge the daily dosage should be increased to a minimum of three capsules. The price for a package of 90 capsules is $ 125 (ca. 113 €). Another product named „Salvacare Salvestrol Platinum 2000“ has a similar composition (extract of bilberry, blackberry, grapes and bitter orange). The price for 90 gelatin-free capsules (à 2000 salvestrol points) is $ 172 NZD (ca. 110 €), 60 capsules are $ 120 NZD (ca. 77 €). „Salvestrol Platinum 2000“ – which has the same name – is a (suspected) copy of the (original) product. The fruit extract is composed only of tangerine, strawberry and apples, each capsule offers an amount of 2000 salvestrol points (2x1000 points each lipophilic / hydrphilic), the capsules are made of microcrystalline cellulose and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. The daily recommended dosage is 2x1 caps, the price of a package of 60 capsules is 89,90 €.


Unqualified self-confidence vs. Convenience
Optimization of diet is desirable but seeming unavailable despite available food and scientific knowledge. Human sluggishness and, last but not least, the desire for comfort – also called convenience – favor compromises. Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. This requires still a conscious diet, based on organic production and gentle bio-processing. A sufficient oxygen supply by physical activity and a balanced individual life philosophy are equally important – a healthy self-confidence in the true meaning of the word!



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